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The Dondi range of rotary ditchers is divided into three families: mono-wheel, mono/double-wheel and double-wheel models, and each family has different versions to meet a wide range of operating needs.

"DONDI" ditchers offer the highest level of technology and performance for digging and maintaining drainage and irrigation ditches. They can be used on any wheeled tractor with creep speeds of 0.4 / 0.6 for digging new ditches, while a higher forward speed of up to 1.2 Km/h can be used for simple maintenance work. The standard digging angles of 18 °, 20 °, 23 °, 42 ° are available on request in order to adapt to different typed of soil and various needs. A new ditch is dug in one or more passages, depending on the type of soil, tractor power and advancement speed.

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